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Mental illness still suffers from a deeply negative image in the public eye, and those who undergo psychiatric treatment often feel isolated and excluded from society.

LA VAGUE À L’ÂME is an association whose membership is almost entirely made up of people directly affected by mental disorders (currently receiving psychiatric treatment or previously having done so).

We aim to bring together individuals who, despite having undergone some form of psychiatric treatment, are  determined to assert their right to live fully independently and thus refuse to accept that their condition inevitably constitutes a handicap.

We believe in mutual support and solidarity to enable us to fight isolation together and facilitate integration into the social and cultural life of the community.

To answer the needs of its members for communication and exchange, LA VAGUE À L’ÂME runs various initiatives and projects such as its newspaper, « L’ÉCRIT DE LA VAGUE », excursions, day trips, meetings, garage sales, etc…

LA VAGUE À L’ÂME could be the space you were looking for to talk to others and express yourself. Why not join us right now .